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These sysman manuals (system administrator manuals) are provided for the benefit of all users at the MI and CI group. Most of these manuals concern the usage of IT systems available at the campus. You can use the orange generic RSS button or the green Feedly button to subscribe to changes of and additions to these pages.

Dogbert BOFH

Formatting Conventions

Throughout this website some formatting conventions are used. Although conventions are nice, these rules are regrettably not strictly adhered too…

  • where possible sysman pages link to each other (see World Wide Web)
  • also where possible links are provided to external pages as not to duplicate information (e.g. WikipediA)
  • abbreviations are linked to and explained in the useful abbreviations page
  • boldface is used for important keywords or accentuation
  • italics is used for new concepts and words or phrases in other languages
  • monotype is used for computer names, computer code and computer programs
    • $ <command> the dollar sign indicates the shell prompt after which commands can be given
    • # <comment> the hash tag indicates a comment to clarify code or commands
    • \ the backslash is used for clarity in the code. It is a valid character in most shells to indicate a new line in a command line
  • call-outs are used to emphasize important notes or concepts, some examples


A note


An important note


A very important note


The following people have contributed to these pages:

  • Ronald Ligteringentje
  • Rick Waasdorp
  • David Heesterbeek
  • Martijn Nagtegaal
  • Arco van Geest
  • Koen Mulderij
  • Henry den Bok
  • Agisilaos Matalliotakis
  • Robbert Eggermont

If you would like to be added to this list please visit the git repository, add your contribution and create a Merge Request (GitLab concept, a.k.a. in GitHub as Pull Request). More information on merge requests can be found here:

Information on how to contribute can be found in the CONTRIBUTING document in the repository:

Some more information on the inner workings of these pages can be found in sysadm→sysman Configuration.

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!!! 😄

Last update: 2021-09-06