15:20-16:10 (odd numbers)

Presenter Subject
Michael Schwertner How to significantly improve drift / stability performance in your existing SMLM setup
Peter Dedecker Simultaneous single-molecule imaging using discrete PSF engineering
Georgii Nosov Spatial distribution of the synaptic vesicle fusion events in the mammalian synapses correlated to the active zone and SNARE-protein clusters
Matthew Lycas Nanoscale distribution of the dopamine transporter assessed by super-resolution microscopy: regulation by membrane potential
Filip Maarten Asscher Detection and Correction of Optical Aberrations in Co-localization Single-Molecule Spectroscopy Experiments of DNA Replication
Christiaan N. Hulleman Inducing sparsity with polarised sted towards cryogenic super-resolution
Alexander Balinovic Spectrally red-shifted fluorescent fiducial markers for optimal drift correction in localization microscopy
Mickael Lelek SMLM with light sheet illumination for deep cell imaging
Benoit Lelandais Optimal 3D SMLM for any PSF using ZOLA-3D
Hisham Forrière Whole cell 3D SMLM using single-objective Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy
M.W. Paul Visualization and analysis of single-molecule localization microscopy data in R (SMoLR)
Purba Kashyap A novel photoconvertable protein for accurate single molecule counting
Christian Sieben Influenza A viruses use multivalent sialic acid clusters for cell binding and receptor activation
Mathias Hammer Metadata and Performance Tracking for Fluorescent Microscopes I - Metadata
Hernandez Tamayo Rogelio Symmetric activity of DNA polymerases at and recruitment of exonuclease ExoR and of PolA to the Bacillus subtilis replication forks
Iman Abdollahzadeh Autophagy-relevant proteins LC3B and GABARAP fused to fluorescent proteins form structures of similar size but different shape
Koen Martens Engineered point spread function localization using phasor-based single molecule localizaiton micorscopy
Taylor Hinsdale SIMFLUX: Localization microscopy at doubled precision

16:10-17:00 (even numbers)

Presenter Subject
Lucas-Raphael Muller Combining Convolutional Neural Networks and Maximum Likelihood Fitting for Robust High-Density Single-Molecule Localization
Yu-Le Wu A General Framework for Fitting an Arbitrary Model to SMLM Data
O. Glushonkov Characterization of photoswitchable fluorescent proteins at cryogenic temperatures
Mahipal Ganji Bacterially Derived Antibody Binders as Small Adapters for DNA‐PAINT Microscopy
Ricardo Bastos Harness the power of single-molecule detection at your finger tips
Jervis Vermal Thevathasan Nuclear pores as versatile reference standards for quantitative superresolution microscopy
P. Jouchet Modulated Single Molecule Localization Microscopy using Homodyne Detection
Florian Levet Polygon-based colocalization analysis for multicolor single-molecule localization microscopy data
Christian Niederauer Single-molecule studies of the assembly of a quaternary receptor (interleukin-2/-15R) in model membranes
Audrius Jasaitis Adaptive optics module for highest precision 3D localization in super resolution microscopy based on fast and stable PSF engineering
Alan M. Szalai Three-dimensional total internal reflection fluorescence nanoscopy with sub-10 nm resolution
K. R. Mertinkus Multicolor super-resolution microscopy to quantify cellular expression and localization of EGFR/MET family receptor tyrosine kinases
Maximiliaan Huisman Meta-max: an easy-to-use calibration tool to maximize the value of fluorescence microscopy data
Silvia Scalisi Quantitative super-resolution microscopy of proteins at the inhibitory synapse
Tom Sheard Enhanced expansion microscopy allows three-dimensional and biochemical mapping of intracellular signalling nanodomains at single channel resolution
Karine Monier Innovative buffer for long-lived fluorescence imaging for 2D and 3D dSTORM
Jelmer Cnossen Uiniting Structured Illumination and Localization Microscopy (SIMFLUX)
Kirti Prakash Correlative STED and SMLM, without demons